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I review all the clamps I own and show you some of the newer clamps to hit the market, namely the Jet Parallel Clamps and the Irwin Quick Grip XP’s. The original clamps, are still made in USA, got the top review from fine woodworking, have far less slop in them, work better and cost about the same. DEWALT is the number 1 brand for woodworking and the Pro.

woodworking clamps reviews 2Whenever I do a review of woodworking clamps I try to include the amount of pressure they are rated to generate. I include that maximum pressure because I know that I will be asked about it almost immediately after I post the review if I leave it out. Matthew Teague, Popular Woodworking Magazine editor, test drove the Irwin Quick-Grip XP600 clamp in a recent project. It works great for angled joints. When I bought my first bar clamps, about thirty years ago, I got aluminum bar clamps, made in USA by the Dubuque Clamp Works. Read 1 review.

The trick is a special miter clamp that gives a glued and biscuited miter joint a chance to set up. Like quite a few woodworkers, I use a lot of parallel clamps, bar clamps, and cauls when gluing up panels. The process can often be quite time consuming. We review the beefy, American made Jack Clamps wood clamps (among other things). Regular wood clamps get jacked up in our review.

Clamping Pressure

(By the way, another great place to read what people have to say about the Bowclamp is on the Bowclamp Woodworkers’ Forum at Talkfestool.com.). Bessey Auto-Adjust Toggle Clamps – Tool Review. Jeffrey Fleisher has been a woodworker for approximately 20 years and a professional woodworker for the past 6 years. Traditional double-screw woodworking clamps made in the USA. Three sizes. Taylor Manufactacturing Taylor 6 Woodworking Clamps System. Ideal for the Mid Size Shop. The Taylor 12 is offered with 72 clamps at 6 clmaps per section. Product Reviews. Wanna make some legitimate woodworking clamps on the cheap? This is a project I originally. my blog woodshopmike.com Stop by sometime and check out my other projects & tool reviews.

Clam Clamp Miter Clamp Review By Fine Woodworking Magazine



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