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PDF Plan: Woodslicer Vs Kerfmaster

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For the Wood Slicer blade I could only find it being sold by Highland Woodworker. I was using wood slicer which are great blades and kind of pricey too. I’ll take a look at the wood slicer and the timberwolf blades. (Bladerunner) and Spectrum Supply (Kerfmaster) for a good deal less money.

woodslicer vs kerfmaster 2We also list the price for a 105 blade so you can compare the cost for one type versus another in the same length. The Wood Slicer and KERFMaster are thin kerf blades that are best used for cutting thin slices of veneers from expensive stock, where maximizing yield is important. For 1/2-5/8 resaw blades I like the spring steel Kerfmaster, Woodslicer Bladerunner, again these are recommended for 14 cast clones. I use a 5/8 kerfmaster similar to woodslicer but cheaper that I bought from spectrum supply.

Yes, the HH Woodslicer is my go-to blade for general resawing when I’m not slabbing out logs.

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