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PDF Plan: Woodshop Storage Plans

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You don’t need a gigantic workshop to produce beautiful woodworking projects. We’ll also show you how to build a dedicated shelf for your air compressor, fold-up worktables, ceiling drawers, pegboard shelving, overhead storage, a small fold-away table for a grinder and stackable stools that make great work surfaces. Here is another tool storage cart that I build with a spot for an air compressor. I could look through pinterest for a more fascinating glance at woodshop storage than this article. These DIY drawers are so easy to build & assemble. And best of all, you can make them with offcuts and scraps from the woodshop!

woodshop storage plans 2Take a look at some of Pappy’s Woodworking Projects including Furniture and Shop-Made Tools as well as his Woodshop Layout, Woodworking Tips, Links, and Woodworker’s Quotes all gathered over his many years of woodworking. Hand Tool Storage. MOTHER’s Woodshop shows you how to build under-bed storage boxes for household storage using these step-by-step instructions. (See the storage box and bike rack photos and diagrams in the image gallery. Product Description. Crate Plans. Download the free Sketchup crate plans for the crate build. Don’t forget to check out the videos of the build on YouTube.

Now I can easily store all of my small tools and woodworking knick knacks all in one spot. You can find plans for these if you google miter station, but take my advice and custom make one that fits all of your needs. The lumber rack is the unsung hero of the woodworking shop. Now that you have been using the plywood storage for awhile can you tell us how it is working for you. Video Game Storage Tower. Minwax Woodworking Project Plans. Build an Video Game Storage Tower with Minwax.

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woodshop storage plans 3It needed a lot of work to turn it into a woodworking shop. It consisted of a separate walled off 10′ section that had originally been a chicken coop. Eventually I’ll build a really nice stand for it and then use the mobile base only when I carry it outside to use. And, a wood storage rack above the bins. My dowel supply is above the bins as well.

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