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PDF Plan: Woodpecker Drill Press Fence

Woodpeckers Drill Press Fence available at Woodpeck.com, your source for Router Tables, Router Lifts, and other Fine Woodworking Tools. The Woodpeckers Tools drill press fence is ideal for mortise drilling & made to protect your piece from aluminum marks. Order your drill press table today! Also the fence slides from one side to the other so you can drill long pieces.

woodpecker drill press fence 2Woodpeckers DP3 Drill Press Fence manufactured by Woodpeckers Tools sold at Highland Woodworking, authorized Woodpeckers Dealer. Woodpecker’s new Professional Drill Press Table comes out of the box with a large 16x23x1 inch thick work area covered with a non-glare low friction Micro-Dot dimpled laminate and a solid high density banding around a flat MDF core. The table also sports a big 36 inch dual track fence with a laser engraved center scale measuring system. I am beyond frustrated with the lack or difficulty to clamp on my drill press – ruined too many projects. I have the woodpecker drill press table and fence.

The Quick-Stop LP from Woodpeckers is just about right. While the fence provides the necessary height for most drill press activities, there are applications where a taller fence would be advantageous, such as mortising. Woodpeckers Drill Press Fence – One of the most requested items for our popular Drill Press Table is a tall fence for supporting stock on edge. This is particularly helpful when drilling out mortises. Drill Stock On Edge With This Must-Have Woodpecker’s Drill Press Table Accessory! Why l.

Woodpeckers Dp3 Drill Press Fence

Woodpeckers WPDPPack2 Complete Woodpecker Drill Press Table. The Woodpeckers Drill Press Fence allows you to support stock on edge and it’s especially helpful when drilling out mortises. Both the bottom and front are machined to give an accurate 90 degree from the table.

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