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PDF Plan: Wooden Pirate Ship Playhouse

Authentic 24 Tip to tip wooden pirate ship style ships wheel. You’ll need a ships wheel to complete the experience. These wheels are perfect for your ship. Just wanted to say thanks for everything and your help with the ship everything went very smooth. Shown below is their modified Galaxy playhouse. Read Straightforward wooden pirate ship playhouse plans Systems – The Basics, a 1 part story with 85 reads and 0 votes by clam89diego.

wooden pirate ship playhouse 2This is the wooden playhouse that suggests a 23′ high weather-beaten pirate sloop has marooned itself in the backyard. 14’x10′ pirate ship playhouse plan with 2 levels, 2 masts, gang plank, trap door and room for a slide. With a footprint of just 7′ by 12′, it’s one of the more compact wooden playset, but still packs a wallop! The Brawny Brigantine pirate ship is perfect for a smaller yard and material cost savings.

Damn Rich Kids: The Pirate Ship Playhouse

wooden pirate ship playhouse 3

Pirate Ship Playhouse Plans



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