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PDF Plan: Wood Hand Plane Plans

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Popular maxims say that the radial plane of the wood should be oriented towards the sides of the plane. Time out for a second for me to say we are talking about bench planes here, not moulding or joinery planes where the sole needs to conform to a set width in order to do the job. This is a fantastic size and a great introduction to making a wooden bench plane. The construction of the parts is a very typical arrangement and the size of wood needed to make this is much easier to find. However, making planes to architects drawings, and making sash templates are decsribed briefly at the end of the section on moulding planes (Part II). Then make the wedge and shoot the ends by putting in a block of wood and plane across.

wood hand plane plans 2Our choice of wood for plane making is the traditional wood, beech. Normal dimensional changes in wood can even cause a bench plane body to lean one direction or the other should the wood selected not be dead quarter sawn.

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Raging Against Plane Making Tradition



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