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PDF Plan: Wood Engine Stand

The little wooden dolly is perfect for what it’s intended use is for. I have a engine from a 58k mile 240 that I currently store on a half wooden palet with some blocks of wood supporting it from tipping over. With more time and carpentry skills than money i am considering building a stand to do the tear down. i will be doing motor work this winter where i.

wood engine stand 2Has anyone built a wooden stand to transport an engine? If so do lyou have any drawings / sketchs that you could post? Thanks for your time. Heya, Does anyone know how to make a engine stand out of wood? Thanks Chris. Need idea on supporting engine, either while still attached to the crane, or not, while dialing in bellhousing and attaching transmission.

I built my own..out of wood. Out of wood. Why do you need a stand? all you need is the ground, or almost the ground haha, i jut fired up my 305 i am about to put in a 78 bonanza pickup soon on a rolling wooden crate thing heres the one i stuck in my trans am fired it up on the ground as well: done it to all kinds of engines in the past, also a 425 caddy as well. I recently swapped out the engine in my 68 02 project but wanted to hang on to the original numbers matching engine and someday have it rebuilt. Motorcycle Engine Stand proudly made in the USA by Metaltek Racing. Used by some of the top motor builders in the world. The next time you rebuild a motor, say good bye to the old wooden blocks.

Wooden Engine Stand

Can someone provide me with a drawing of a functional wood engine stand that I can make in my shop? I made the below engine stand for my last rebuild in 2010 and, while it was workable, the sides made it difficult to work on the engine. I want to replace the isolators. Is there an engine stand I can fab to rest the engine on, so I can lift the frame off. The solution is to purchase an engine stand like a repair shop or rebuilder would use. With a plank of wood, the ATV jack lets you lower and transport the engine back to your garage. This is a picture of a an original Ferrari engine stand. Ian said he had to support the engine with a block of wood to keep it from turning over with its high center of gravity.

Engine Test Stand



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