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The Spoon Rack Course teaches the hand tool approach to woodworking as you watch step by step every process required to build this functional project. As a result, my projects are designed to fit my abilities. I keep the projects small in order to create them in a sitting position. Boxes and trays made on the router table work very well. The project was challenging and it enabled me to develop new woodworking skills. Tom is a terrific teacher demonstrating techniques at each and every step of the project.

the project woodworker 2This wikiproject is about woodworking and any related subjects such as tools, carpentry, cabinet making, furniture, woodcarving. This project is related to a number of topics, including metalworking (woodworkers use metal tools and often need some metalworking skills), architecture, construction, art (sculpture, wood carving), etc. The project was ambitious, to say the least; Cremona had no metalworking experience at the time.

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