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PDF Plan: Standard Wine Rack Dimensions

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Wine and Beverage Cooler With Dual-Zone Design Digital Thermostats – 1,079. Tall Wine RefrigeratorsThe luxury home above has a tall manufactured wine cellar that is similar in configuration and size to a standard refrigerator. Its cylindrical design has an automated hatch opening and spiral stairs to access built-in wine racks holding an astonishing 1,360 bottles of wine in a compact arrangement. Find The Wine Rack Style That Works Best For Your Wine Collection. Split Wine Bottle, Half Wine Bottle, Standard sized Wine Bottle, Wine Bottle Storage. Almost all wine racks will hold standard Bordeaux and Burgundy sized wine bottles without a problem. The basic types of wine racks may not however fit your larger California red wines, the wide Rhone size bottles nor the Champagne bottle.

standard wine rack dimensions 2Traditional WineRacks, High quality wooden wine racks for domestic or commercial use. Calculate the dimensions of the Wine Rack or Wine Cabinet you need to be custom-made for your Wine Cellar or Shop with A&W Moore. Standard Size Bottles Rack Height and Width Calculator. Storage Tip: Standard bottles store well in a wine rack or in a wine refrigerator, depending on if it’s a red or white variety.

Individual panels each hold 9 standard sized wine bottles. However, combining modules side-by-side will add additional bottle capacity arranged in this way each panel supports up to 12 bottles. The 750ml wine rack opening for example is the standard we use for both kit wine racks as well as custom wine cellars. This is true for all applications whether it be for a residential or a commercial wine storage areas. Most rack suppliers list the width and height of their racks and with a little math one can derive the column spacing but no one goes into fine detail on the individual slot dimensions, the width of the rails etc.

Traditional Wine Rackdimension Charts

This is a simple wine rack made from the end section of a pallet. Most pallets are going to be around 40 inches wide and i used around the standard. The height of the wine rack will be roughly 16-17 inches tall depending on where you cut it. My question is: for a standard wine rack like this, what size hole saw bit should I use for the butt end of the bottle (back) and for the neck (front) of the bottle? Also, is there a rule of thumb as to how much I should space the front and back boards from each other? Thanks for any advice!.

Pallet Wine Rack



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