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Learn about Shaker kitchen cabinets and get ready to add style to either a traditional or modern home. The simple and clean lines of Shaker cabinets lend themselves to placement in modern or contemporary kitchen designs, despite their traditional origin. Shaker furniture is a distinctive style of furniture developed by the United Society of Believers in Christ’s Second Appearing, commonly known as Shakers, a religious sect that had guiding principles of simplicity, utility and honesty. Many of today’s home owners like the classic style and clean lines that define the Shaker kitchen. The kitchen cabinets should be made from sturdy hardwoods but free of heavy molding or detailing.

shaker cabinet hardware 2Shaker styled furniture seems to blend perfectly with any interior design as it encompasses every possible style, from the classic to the contemporary and from the retro to the country. Houzz.com – Shaker-Style Cabinets design ideas and photos. The largest collection of interior design and decorating ideas on the Internet, including kitchens and bathrooms. Understand door types, materials and cabinet face construction to make the right choice when you shop. Faces that have more linear details, like Shaker-style ones, are often assembled with square cuts and also have panels in the middle.

Am about to begin building my solid cherry kitchen cabinets, Shaker style. Shaker doors by definition are flat (not raised) panels so they are usually set in at least a 1/4 from the frames. Discover the characteristics of Shaker woodworking and furniture that make it unique and enduring. I’ll also identify some of the characteristics that define the Shaker style and discuss how they came into being. Synonymous with simplicity, understated style and craftsmanship, Shaker design is characterized by clean lines that add depth and interest without being visually overpowering. Innovation and mass market production have expanded Shaker kitchen offerings from native American woods to melamine, MDF and myriad other materials.

Shaker Style Furniture For Your Kitchen Cabinets

shaker cabinet hardware 3Wood-Mode cabinets define the style of this elegant contemporary kitchen. Horizontal lines dominate in this Contemporary-style kitchen where full overlay Shaker-style cabinets are used. In modern cabinets, however, the definition of the style often lies in the design of the cabinets rather than in the wood used to build them, so nearly any kind of wood — including oak, pine or poplar — can legitimately be used to build cabinets that are identified as Shaker style. ) define the look of your cooking space. Cabinets also take up a huge portion of your kitchen renovation budget. Shaker-style doors are the most popular cabinet option because of their adaptability. Richmond The Quintessential English Shaker Kitchen. Every so often we are asked the question ‘what is a shaker kitchen?’. For example the positioning of your appliances as well as visualising the various viewpoints to define an overall aesthetic. Then by that definition no shaker doors should use even 5mm thick plywood panels because that s not pure, we should use strictly reverse raised panels made of solid wood, right? We know this is not the world we live in. In my opinion, the best painted cabinet door is solid wood frame with an MDF panel. The Shaker Kitchen door from our Bella range is yours to own in 31 colour variants to suit your dream Kitchen style. This classic shaker style fits the definition perfectly.

Shaker Door Questions

Vintage profiles define these casual yet polished farmhouse cabinet doors. Embellish clean-lined cabinet doors such as recessed-panel, Shaker-style, or flat-front contemporary panels with molding for a custom look for less. Clean lines and elegant simplicity define The Ridgeway. Offering a range of warm, rich, lacquered oak kitchen cabinets in a simple Shaker style we allow the natural grain of the wood to promote the organic beauty of this kitchen. We love this quote from Ann Lee, a leading figure in the Shaker movement, If I came back to earth again, I would like it to be as a chair. To complement and define your Shaker style kitchen, consider combining two or three co-ordinating tones in a lighter colour palette or use warm, durable woods for work tops. Related Definitions:. Many of today.s home owners like the classic style and clean lines that define the Shaker kitchen. The kitchen cabinets should be made from sturdy hardwoods.

A trend is, by definition, always changing, so it would follow that current kitchen desirables all those features that make a kitchen so shareable, pinnable, and covetable, like the white cabinets, the farmhouse sink, the dark floors might not hold up to the test of time. I think Shaker-style cabinet fronts will always be in style. Doors and drawers really make the cabinet when it comes to appearance and function. Colonial, Shaker and Farmhouse kitchen styles virtually demand inset doors for authenticity.



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