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PDF Plan: Scissor Chair Plans

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From the top (plan) view, the final chair’s design rests on the complex joinery required to allow planar sheets to intersect in this way. About 18 years ago, I built from plans a Savonarola chair ( also called scissors chair ). I lost the chair and do not have the plans. Has, Wood. Scissor chairs are very fancy looking and sturdy. they are also known as X-chairs, Dante chairs and Savonalara chairs. Plans can be individually loaded below.

scissor chair plans 2In his Scissor Chair, Ward Bennett echoed the form of the hammock-style deck chair popular on the great ocean liners of the past, balancing simplicity with luxurious material and finish choices for an elegance fit for fine homes and executive lounges alike. Chairs and seats from the Middle Ages and Renaissance. These plans are based upon several designs used by scouts in our council. Some people call this a scissors chair. The chair is composed to two pieces: the seat and the back.

He also worked with Charlotte Perriand, designing furniture and supervised the iconic project of Chandigarh where he mingled Indian building tradition and modernist techniques. Mies first drew his scissor-structure chair in 1928 on a scrap of paper, while exploring numerous variations of seating designs. It had to be more than a chair, but a monumental object and not disrupt the spatial flow of the building.

Scissor Chair

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Jeanneret, Pierre: Furniture Design



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