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PDF Plan: Pressure Treated Wood Garden Edging

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Pressure-treated lumber is most rot-resistant. You can also paint wood preservative onto untreated wood. Dig a trench slightly wider and as long as the edging you need to install. Place the bricks in the trench so that they are at or slightly above ground level. The very top part of the edging is visible to subtly set the bed and lawn apart. Pressure-treated wood is resistant to moisture and a good value for larger projects. DIY Experts discuss the pros and cons of garden border materials, including such points as cost, durability and purpose. The chemicals used to preserve the wood are safe for soil and plants, but it is recommended to wear a dust mask when cutting pressure-treated wood and gloves when handling it. Make wooden edging by buying 8′ lengths of treated or rot-resistant wood and cutting it into random lengths, then placing the pieces in a shallow trench along the edge of the garden.

pressure treated wood garden edging 2Landscape timber edging installation is simple and looks spiffy. Using photos, I relate how to install it to build an attractive edging with minimal effort. Our border planting is right up against a wood fence on the property line. The photo on this page shows you the end result of our landscape timber edging project. Another tact you can take is to eliminate the section of lawn that parallels the flower border. You can do this by digging the sod, laying down a narrow strip of landscape fabric, and applying mulch on top of the fabric. Pressure-Treated Landscape Timbers, Other Supplies. 3. Find great deals on eBay for Wooden Garden Edging in Landscaping and Garden Materials. These log roll edgings are made from pressure treated timber which gives the wood a pale green. Pressure-treated wood impregnated with CCA, is often used for decks, play-ground equipment, picnic tables, edging of vegetable gardens, and wherever and whenever people try to protect wood structures from decay.

It takes more than a freshly mowed lawn and a few perennials to create an attractive outdoor space. Gardeners should avoid using pressure-treated wood edging near edible plants or near ponds and streams since the chemical can leach into soil and waterways. So originally, we built a raised bed of pressure-treated wood to hold in all the dirt. From Home Depot, I grabbed some cheap garden-variety garden edging that comes in two foot strips that click together on the ends. Edging cleanly defines the borders of your garden plots. Edging materials keep the soil and mulch where they belong and grass or gravel out of your flower beds. You can save money by using pressure treated wood rated for soil contact.

Install Landscape Timber Edging In 10 Simple Steps

The rocks improve drainage from the garden or walkway and protect the wood edging from frost heaves. Pressure treated wood for edging – will it survive partial.

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