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PDF Plan: Other Uses For China Cabinet

China cabinet painted out and used as a bookcase. Love this idea! 1. Repaint your china cabinet and put it in the bathroom for towel toiletry storage. 3.) Repurposed china cabinets make great TV stands for flat screen TV’s. There are a ton of great uses for these vintage finds. If yo. OK, so you found a china cabinet after some suggestions in my last post, or you have your mother’s old cabinet. Oh my so many great ideas for using china cabinets! 7 Creative Uses For Tea Bags.

other uses for china cabinet 2Together they balance each other out and it looks fine. We used the top half of the china cabinet I inherited in the library of our former house. No budget for that trip to The Container Store or the cabinetmaker? Go shopping in another room of your own house. This china cabinet works well in this home office area. If you are reading this post at any other sites or blogs besides Jenniferrizzo.

Our built in china cabinet in our old house underwent a facelift and we refurbished what we had. Amazing what glass doors, v-groove paneling on the sides, new counters and drawers and a few other details can do to transform a hum-drum piece of cabinetry! I know I used a lot of them to make the existing furniture we had look good in the new space we had created. Let’s take a peek inside the China cabinet and figure out how to make ours work for our own homes. And other times, the right cabinet can be used to infuse and transform the room. I took the china and crystal out of the display hutch and stored it in protective boxes behind the cabinet doors. Do you have anything other than china displayed in your china cabinet?

What Do You Put In Your China Cabinet, Other Than China?

other uses for china cabinet 3Girl uses a new paint called RECLAIM paint to do a china cabinet makeover. Just like other furniture paints, it’s made especially for cabinets and furniture. Q: I inherited this china cabinet see photo below from my grandparents. Laura uses hers to store shoes. Maybe you have a beautiful china cabinet that’s been passed down through generations of your family, but hardly any china. Bonus: you can still use the other drawers, as long as your plants don’t grow too wild. The Cabinets used as shoe storage is a really good idea. I certainly had room for a china cabinet but I didn’t buy one because it would have made the space look smaller. I love the upcycled china cabinet you’ve shown there being used as a linen closet and I also love other glass cabinets like upcycled office furniture used to house china!. So, if you have a china cabinet and you are serious about living a minimalist lifestyle, lets take a serious look at this piece of furniture. So, there is a large piece of furniture sitting in the dining room, full of things that are only used for 2 meals a year? Because I had a new china cabinet on the way, which you can read about here, I knew the old one couldn’t remain in the dining room.

10 Creative Ways To Embellish, Repurpose And Reinterpret Cabinetry

For the cabinet and table base, I used Sherwin Williams paint and primer. One of my other favorite brands! I put a coat of Adhesion Primer on first then put a coat of paint on. A hutch is an American English word for a type of furniture. The term is now usually used to describe a set of shelves or cabinets placed on top of a lower unit with a counter and either drawers or cabinets. For other uses, see Hutch (disambiguation). What sort of things, other than dishes, work well when placed in a china cabinet? I’m used to paying ikea prices, what is reasonable. Includes: eight ways to decorate a china cabinet, and decorate your cabinet. For example, if your china has a blue and white pattern, consider adding several other items in that same blue shade to the cabinet, such as:. China cabinets don’t have to be used for china; some people like to convert their china cabinet to what’s known as a catching cabinet.

Primer: I used a dark reddish-brown primer because I wanted to paint the hutch red. Just snagged our second china cabinet project the today. Find great deals on eBay for Antique China Cabinet in Antique Cabinets and Cupboards From the Early 1900's. Please Note: We have been selling used furniture on ebay for twelve years. I have seen other cabinets similer from late 1800s. My husband got me a new china cabinet for the dining room (I got to pick it out) for Mother s Day! I had few to choose from that needed painting but I really wasn t looking forward to adding one more thing to my to do list, so I was lucky to find one that someone had already painted. I used some Country Living plates and bowls that were purchased at K-Mart (I don’t know if they still have them I got them in 2009). That’s the rooster print I found at the thriftstore that I showed you here with my other thrifty finds. China cabinets are great at complementing whatever decorating style they’re placed in.



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