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PDF Plan: Old Stereo Cabinet

Sears Silvertone Vintage Record Player For Sale FM radio and record changer in a vintage wood console. It has a beautiful stereo cabinet and vintage cloth. Old stereo cabinet converted into storage cabinet. Asking 40. Posted by Michael. Posted in Home, Furniture in Hahira Honey Hole, GA. Item description. I found this beautiful old stereo cabinet at our local Habitat for Humanity Re-Store. The price was ludicrously cheap, so I had to take it home.

How to Turn a Console Stereo into a Liquor Cabinet. Most of the furniture makeovers I do are geared toward the girls Pretty and feminine, usually in girly paint shades and not too appealing to the opposite sex. Make an Awesome Planter using an Old Chair. Has been In my stereo cabinet for a long time. Old Sharp record player in wooden cabinet, comes with one large speaker and two side speakers. Obviously you are not old enough to remember! This may have been an old stereo cabinet, hence the grill work with fabric on two of the doors.

The old stereo box bugged me as the PO had stained mahogany to match the teak, Yuk! Most would have never noticed, but of course I did. Secondly the PO did not allow any room for air circulation in the old stereo enclosure.

How To Turn A Console Stereo Into A Liquor Cabinet

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