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PDF Plan: Making A Step Stool For A Child

making a step stool for a child 1

To help your kid reach higher opt for toddler step stools. They are a simple and clever idea to aid kids around the house. The design makes it stand out among typical plastic stools. Therefore it perfectly complements traditional decors. Step stools don’t just give your kids a couple extra inches in height. Leave it to IKEA to make a step stool that is both fun and functional. Not to mention affordable! At this price, you can afford to have one in every room of your home. Check out our range of bathroom stools and bathroom benches. They come in different designs and sizes to suit your bathroom and your needs. We use cookies to make sure you get the best experience on our website.

making a step stool for a child 2

Toddler Step Stools

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Toddler Step Stools



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