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PDF Plan: How To Make A Wood Cutting Board Countertop

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Build your own butcher block counter top with this step-by-step tutorial with tons of pictures to help you through the process. 2 x 3 lumber used for making a DIY butcherblock countertop. If I made a countertop out of those with the rounded edges, I’d be sanding for days (or using an obscene amount of wood filler) in order to get a flat surface. Make a pass with the router equipped with a large Roman ogee bit to remove some of the wood. Reposition the straight edge and clamps another 1/4 back.

how to make a wood cutting board countertop 2Butcher block can be made out of nearly any woodor any combination of woodsconfigured with its grain showing on the flat, on the edge, or on the end. Step by step instructions on how to build your own wide plank butcher block counter tops on a budget! This project details the steps involved in making an end grain butcher block counter top.

We’ve narrowed down the options to include some of the very best wood types for a kitchen countertop, whether you’re interested in a functional butcher block or a gorgeous accent finish. A wooden butcher block countertop lends rustic charm to any kitchen. But even if you install them yourself, the slabs can be pricey. Here’s a cheaper, do-it-yourself alternative. Over at BLDG 25, FP Naomi tells us how it’s done. Warmth and natural appeal has broken wood out of the butcher block.

Popular Woods For Your Butcher-block Countertop

Two years ago, in September 2011, I wrote a post about how we installed our own butcher block countertops. Besides my counters the kitchen doesn’t have any wooden elements in it, and I love wooden elements. Also, the price. Here’s the best way to clean your butcher block countertops after using them. Recent debate at my own dinner table and in a few independent studies have pitted wood cutting and prep surfaces against plastic. So far, wood wins. Here are some tips to help keep your butcher blocks and cutting boards in clean and attractive shape. Studies have shown that acetic acids in white vinegar serve as a powerful disinfectant, ridding butcher blocks of bacterias like E. Available in different finishes and wood grains, butcher block has many benefits over traditional counter top materials, such as, granite, laminate, or corian. In addition to its natural beauty, butcher block is relatively easy to maintain, provides an extremely durable work surface, and, as an added bonus, is naturally resistant to bacteria, making it the ideal work surface for food preparation. Question: I have a kitchen island that has a cutting board top. I have just sanded it and would like to put some kind of finish coat on it. Can you recommend an oil finish that is suitable for a food preparation surface? Answer: FINISH on a cutting board may be a misnomer! Proper surface treatment however is important to guard against germs or mould growth. Find out which woods are safe and which ones are dangerous for use in the kitchen with cutting boards. 9: John Boos Mystery Oil, made for butcher blocks, countertops and cutting boards.

12 Wow-worthy Woods For Kitchen Countertops

It gets bonus points for its size, counter stability, and eco-conscious maker. For a wood option, we highly recommend the Proteak Rectangular Edge-Grain Cutting Board. Proteak’s wood is specifically not sourced from Burma, where human rights abuses have caused some nations to ban Burmese teak imports. Adding a cutting board to a countertop is a good strategy when you have a damaged area. You also need a square and ruler, a pencil, a saber saw with a long tapered blade or a router, a level, clear silicone caulk, adhesive, and a metal frame that the wood piece can fit into. I’ve had lots of inquiries recently about finishing cutting boards and wood countertops. I have two maple butcher-block countertops opposite the kitchen sink that are 35 years old and have never had a finish applied.



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