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PDF Plan: How To Build A Table Saw Stand

Since my saw is on a mobile stand, the unit could not touch the floor when folded. 2X4s for the legs and frame, 2X6s for the surfaces. Of course, a second trip to Lowes for more wood was needed when I decided to make the table saw stand. Find great deals on eBay for Table Saw Stand in Table Saws. Shop with confidence. Saw + Stand. Craftsman Evolv 10 Inch Table Saw: Make Every Cut Straight and True.

how to build a table saw stand 2Make an auxiliary fence to transform your tablesaw into a dual-purpose machine, a tablesaw and router table combination. After removing your tablesaw from its stand, set its base on top of the cabinet and centre it over the middle drawer section. To keep hands away from the tablesaw blade while cutting dowel jigs, make a dowel-cutting sled to allow you make multiple cuts of identical lengths safely and accurately. Having a roller stand in the shop is almost like having another person around to help you work with long and cumbersome material, but roller stands also have a frustrating flaw: If the material is warped or droopy, you’ll probably knock over the stand before you get help from it.

Just follow the step-by-step instructions to build one for your workshop. I have had it on a stand for the last year or so, and decided it was time to build it a new home. Next, I lined them up with the fence of the saw and attached it to the table top using 1 pocket hole screws.

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