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PDF Plan: File Cabinet Smoker Paint

Most smokers come with bare metal insides, or are painted with high-temp paint designed for this application. Nice work, I’ve seen a few file cabinet builds but your is the best one so far. Aloha I got a question for you guys, I noticed that the filing cabinet is painted still, my question is is it safe to eat the smoked meat etc due to the paint still on the inside of the filing cabinet? So the smoker i built was out of an old filing cabinet from my office and I installed 2 electric coil burners in the bottom drawer to provide the heat and generate the smoke. What do i need to do about the paint on the cabinet.

file cabinet smoker paint 2Why did Obsessivore columnist Adam Sachs turn a filing cabinet into a smoker? Filing Cabinet Smoker build-a-long D-I-Y Projects. His sleek gray filing cabinet looks office ready at first, but it soon turns out to be the ultimate barbecue smoker as he pulls open each drawer to reveal delicious food cooking inside.

I consulted the Internet and Googled the phrase inbred meat smoker. Thought I’d share my file cabinet smoker in action. Honestly, that 70 year-old industrial paint was more of a concern for me to burn off than the zinc. I’ve come across an old fire proof file cabinet, it’s 4 drawers and has fire brick in the side walls. I,ve done search on here and have seen where a few smokers were made using filing cabinets but not one that is fire proof. And I’ll check the paint for lead.

You Can Build A Smoker From A Filing Cabinet

Posts about filing cabinet smoker written by The Munch and Tattle. Ok It s not the most beautiful thing in the world but I do believe with a lick of paint it will scrub up quite nice. So I have owned this filing cabinet for some time. I have always had the idea that it would someday be turned into a barbecue smoker. Eventually, I want to strip the paint off of the cabinet and respray with high temperature paint to make it look a little more attractive but also ensure that it lasts a little longer. File Cabinet Smoker Build Homemade Smokers. Then I’ll brush off all the burnt paint and crap, get it cleaned up and put the high temp paint on it, probably black. Diy Smoker, Filing Cabinets, Filing Cabinet Smoker, Bbq Outdoor Cooking, Smoker Diy, Diy Projects, Bbq Smokers, Outdoor Projects. Turning a filing cabinet into a personal meat smoker isn’t an easy task. Clean it as thoroughly as you can, and sand, strip, or scour off the old paint, inside and out. I had success with smoking ribs and other stuff on the hooded bbq, But wanted something more! So after a bit of research on the net, came across some guys using filing cabinets as smokers. Very good point, especially with the bottom draw as it would burn the old paint on the inside of the cabinet & the paints they use in office furniture are usually polyurethane based 2 part epoxy to handle extra wear & tear, and these have isocyanates,.

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Com/I dont have his But I have been using one I built for about 8 years it works awesome and is priced well athis site look at the videos i will tell you it works great with any gas grill, file cabinet, old cooler thats rite the drain hole at the bottem just shoot the smoke in there walla smoked anything it is a simple Gaget a metal tube,cover,bottem,air pump from a fish tank I think he gets about 100. Mmmm cancer from non food rated materials and paint. And i bet ya he don’t remember being no fucking monkey either, so don’t push your bullshit evolution filing cabinet paint theory. I’ve seen some ingenious peeps on FaceBook and YouTube, this has to be in the top 10 of cool DIY, have you seen the filing cabinet smoker? Of course it would take some work to get the cabinet ready, but once everything is together and you have burned off the paint a couple of times, then you would be good to go.



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