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PDF Plan: Falling Plate Rack Design

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Enhance your accuracy with a reactive falling plate target system that provides immediate visual and audible feedback for any centerfire handgun caliber. The target plates of the PT Plate Rack are manufactured with a no-weld design to prevent breakage and are easily reversed without the use of any tools to extend the life of your target. You and your dad are pretty skilled to design and build something of that quality. OK, so a couple ideas, for a much nicer rack than I could have built:Mine, built for use as an AP rack, has a single piece of AR500 angling down, to shield the bottoms of the plate rack, etc, so that all errant shots are deflected down into the ground (fragments, actually – AR 500 does a good job of breaking pistol bullets. Plans to build a plate rack & duelling tree General Gun Discussion. Here’s some pics of some our club built, falling round plates can be interchanged with cutouts of steel bowling pins. May want to bolt on the target plates or use a quick release pin design.

falling plate rack design 2Anyone ever build a Bianch Plate Rack style target. If you do end up building a plate rack, and you use a wood crossbeam, be sure that you can replace the top board you set the plates on, because you will shoot the heck out of it and tear it up. Build your own plate rack targets, building falling plate targets, falling plate rack design. How to Make Steel Plate Targets Lock and Load: Live Fire Exercises. I made a plate rack, that I have to manualy set back up, good exersize, but a PIA. You can make falling plate, hanging plates, or what ever your imagination allows but they hold up and they are cheap. See Home, Rifle Targets for other target designs. All of the plates designed for the plate rack will bolt to the hinge assembly. The buffer pads should be kept clean of debris to prevent damage by the falling plate driving foreign materials into the pad.

I’m particularly interested in things like falling plate racks and other resetting type of targets, but would love to see whatever you’ve got. All we have are round plates at various distances out to 100 yards. Theme designed by Audentio Design. Includes eight AR500 target faces, plate rack, removable legs, rope, and all necessary hardware. Please note that Slayton Fabrication designs targets for maximum safety and target longevity. And am in the building stages of a falling plate target rack. Am on about 4th or 5th revisions. As to your bullet trap for indoor usage, look at the design of some of the commercial ones and kind of copy it, but with AR400(for pistols).

Anyone Ever Build A Bianch Plate Rack Style Target

shooting plate rack  3We take great pride in designing the best steel target systems on the market so you can have more disposable time and minimize setup or down time. Early on we decided to go for the no weld approach for all our steel targets face plate, the reason being that AR steel has exceptional strength but if we were to weld a bracket to it, we would alter the structural integrity of the steel and soften it rendering it more prone to defects and warping. The new Electo-Pneumatic Locking Plate Rack from SFP is sure to become a pistol-shooter’s favorite for 2014 with its many innovative design features. In addition, the falling target plate locking mechanism is ideal when you have several competitors shooting at the same time. The main problems with designing this type of product are physics and compromise. As we’re not big fans of the C word we have worked hard to cover all the bases while working within the confines of what physics will allow. Want a plate rack? Screw some hinges to a piece of wood.

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