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PDF Plan: Expanding Table

expanding table 1

Inspired by a nearly 200 year old Robert Jupe design, we build each one of our reclaimed barnwood Expanding Round Tables by hand in our shop in Jerome, AZ. Shop for contemporary dining sets, dining tables and chairs with Smart Furniture. We carry modern dining furniture and accessories. DBFletcher is a luxury British furniture maker. We design and build the Fletcher Capstan Table a bespoke handcrafted expanding table.

expanding table 2A few years ago, the world of fine woodworking was presented with the Fletcher Capstan table. It’s a round table, able to expand its diameter merely by rotating the top. Scott Rumschlag, a former civil engineering student at the University of Michigan, invented the ‘wooden expanding table,’ which he has shown off on his ‘Mechanical Lumber’ YouTube channel. Expanding Table – For a fantastic design and space saving idea, check out the Fletcher Capstan Table. The expansion video is very cool.

Why We Love It: This is one of the most innovative tables we’ve ever seen. The Fletcher Capstan Table expands from a standard 6.5- or 10-foot table to one that measures anywhere between 20 to 30 feet across. Adding leaves to expand a wooden table can be a pain. It’s much easier (and much cooler) to just rotate the table’s top to expand it. I just love the idea of circular tables expanding and keeping their circular shape. So many circular tables expand into ovals. Everybody does that!!! These are some of the coolest engineered pieces of furniture I’ve seen.

An Expanding Wooden Table

Some foldable dining tables can be used as a small corner table when not being used in its full form. 19; Designer: Resource Furniture: The Goliath Expanding Table. This is a video of a large wooden table that can expand into an even larger wooden table with a couple latch pulls and a twist. The Fletcher Capstan Table is made by Fletcher Burwell-Taylor Ltd and ranges in. You can find the table history here. A video overview of the table plans can be seen below on this page. Practicality meets functionality with this expanding table. In its starting position this table is a mission style console or sofa table, by pulling out the back legs and flipping the hinged top it easily becomes a 40” by 40” game/dinette table.

The Expandable Fletcher Capstan Table



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