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PDF Plan: Draw Leaf Table Rails

I’m wondering what the mechanism is like for a draw leaf table. When I was growing up my mom had a drop leaf table and as I recall it had a pair of rails underneath fastened to the leafs. I have seen tables where you can pull out a leaf which is stored underneath the table top. You can Google this using draw leaf table rails. The mechanism is fantastically simple as the leaves seem to sit on rails which are angled slightly. I think I have worked out how a draw leaf table functions and I’ve done a little animation in SketchUp for anyone who is interested.

draw leaf table rails 2A draw leaf table is a very simple structure consisting of the base, a top, sliders, and the leaf extensions. There will also be a spacer screwed to the top of the rails that will provide additional rigidity so I just went with the M & T with glue and screws. Elizabethan joined oak draw leaf table, with bulbous gadrooned cup and cover legs with Ionic capitals, the upper frieze rail carved with a gadroon and acanthus decoration. The draw leaf table is adjustable in height, and consists of a frame supporting a central table panel (2) and a pair of draw leaves (3) with guide rails attached to the frame and support rails which can be pulled out and in at and below the draw leaf plate.

If you ever need to set up a formal dining table for ten, you just toss the thing in the back of your car and go. The construction of the table is based on telescoping rails built from a series of hardwood blocks. The salesman neglected to mention that the extra leaf would not fit within the existing adjustable support rails. A drop-leaf table has a sliding device comprising a primary rail, an inner rail, and an outer rail, which are all provided with the fitting slots, and the fitting protrusions. The inner rail 20 and the outer rail 30 of the primary rail 10 are stacked to draw the table leaves 27 and 37 together.

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Our selection includes wooden and metal slides designed to add extension leaves to table tops, drop leaf supports, leaf levelers, leaf alignment pins, leaf locking devices and brackets for mounting wooden legs. John Yau (Rail): We’re conducting this interview in June Leaf’s studio on February 17th. She’s making the gears for the scroll, as we talk. So anyway, then I made the table. But on the table I made a puzzle. Because I wanted to draw the lines in my face. In fact, I’m going to show you.

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