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PDF Plan: Diy Shooting Plate Rack

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Thread: DIY Pepper Poppers, Steel Targets, Plate Racks. I could however use some help in gathering template measurements(Blue Prints) and ideas on DIY Metal Targets for both Rifle and Handgun shooting. Once we pool together a good amount of info we may could sticky this FFR in this section. Easy to operate, durable, multiple target choices and rifle capable (with the addition of a rifle grade guard). I hate working on equipment at the range, so when I build a product, I want it to be zero maintenance. The new Red Stitch Tactical Competiton Plate Rack is a one of a kind innvovation in plate rack design. Most plate racks allow the shooter to engage the targets in one orientation; you could either buy a rack that shoots to the front or buy a rack they lets you shoot the target plates in line. We build ours with the AR500 shield from the begining.

diy shooting plate rack 2We C-Clamp the plate racks to the steel tables that we use for pin shooting. If you don’t have pin tables, some heavy duty tables or saw horses made out of angle iron will have to be built. Since we only shoot rimfire at these plates, they are only 1/4 thick steel. Hope this helps other clubs to build their own plate racks. Gravity Plate Rack Steel Target from Salute Products. Was thinking of using 3/8 plate steel with 6-8 8 round plates having them sit on top of a wood rack..have the plates on hinges and angled forward some to shoot the bullet down to the ground ws jsut couious if anyone has done something similar to this jsut for some training.

This is a video showing you how to make you very own shoot rack. I made a plate rack, that I have to manualy set back up, good exersize, but a PIA. Heres a link to a pic of my homemade shooting range. Our plate racks are great range targets. They can be used in stages within competitions or utilized as plinking targets for recreational shooting. The AR500 target plates hold up to years of heavy use in any environment.

Mr. Completely: Falling Plate Rack Details

Take aim and fire at custom steel shooting targets from our company in Osakis, Minnesota. A shooting plate rack is used by fast shooters, providing a series of six, round metal plates that can easily be reset by pulling a rope to lift a re-set bar behind the array of targets. How to Build a Storage Rack for Dinner Plates. The plate rack adds a dynamic element to your action shooting practice, awesome training tool to build sight focus!

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