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PDF Plan: Denis Coat Rack

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Denis Santachiara Tabard Light and Coat Rack – Pure genius. The latest extraordinary furnishing accessory designed by Denis Santachiara is worthy of the intuition of Sherlock Holmes, who actually has a lot in common with this object. Clothes hanger with lights Pallucco Tabard piantana design Denis Santachiara of Pallucco. Just as Sir Conan Doyle’s detective is always portrayed wearing a charming little cloak, so too are the garments hanging on the coat hook, presented by Pallucco, protected by a rigid cloak. Tabard is an illuminated coat-hanger designed by Denis Santachiara (whose website is awesome BTW — Mac fans definitely check it out) for Pallucco. The coat rack is protected by a rigid cloak and the coat hook can turn 120.

denis coat rack 2Animals can talk and ghosts love to play with coat racks and bulbs! Denis Pettigrew with the LOFT II Coat Rack, made with copper pipes, pressure gages and granite base. Denis Udilov’s Profile. Denis Udilov; Kiev, Ukraine.

Cllr Denis Crawford is in constant demand as he sits on Norfolk County, Breckland District and Thetford Town councils.

Dynomighty Artist Collective: By Denis Brun

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Ukip Councillor Denis Crawford Was So Busy Attending Meetings He Was Reported Missing



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