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PDF Plan: Civil War Camp Furniture

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All of my civil War Camp Furniture is crafted from pine. They are assembled with period cut nails, exterior wood glue and slot-head, non-plated wood screws. Civil War Ammunition Boxes. and Camp Furniture. (Products of Woodwork Unlimited LLC. WE HAVE MOVED TO OUR NEW WEBSITE. GO TO:. This is a handcrafted reproduction of an American Civil War era Folding Arm Chair made of solid red oak. The design and dimensions were taken directly. Civil War Folding Camp Table 18 x 14.

civil war camp furniture 2Hi guys, I am a re-enactor and woodworker. I have several furniture pieces and woodenware items that I build to order. Here are some of my most popular requested items: Furniture: Fowler Dinner Table – sits 4 adults, packs up into itself. Semms like it,huh?New folks come on and go through the older threads.No matter what I do,i have too many big beams in my reenactor eyes to pay much. American, second half of 19th century. Civil War era (circa 1860s), Officer’s camp folding carpet bag upholstered chair with stained wood collapsible frame with rounded finials at top flanking arched back with tan, cream and chocolate carpet bag textile upholstery above seat with matching fabric.

Ammunition Boxes, Camp Furniture. Civil War Tents & Blankets. There were many different designs for camp chairs and it is always hard to place it with a certain military company unless there is an inscr. From customer request my chairs have evolved. They are now available in three styles. I started with the Civil War camp chair that is the standard size.

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