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PDF Plan: Chair Bar Reinforcement

Paragon’s Rebar Support Chairs. have been tested and approved by the Iowa Department of Transportation, office of materials division, and either meet or exceed the load carrying capacity of steel supports and can therefore be used at the same spacing as wire supports. Spacers (-section profiles, H-section profiles, or other 3 dimensional shapes),; Point Spacers (wheel spacers, various tower or chair-like shapes). Rebar Chair is a patented polypropylene support system ideal for concrete applications requiring a 6 in. to 8 in. slab, including floors, sidewalks, driveways and many others.

chair bar reinforcement 2Find Rebar Chairs at Lowes.com. Shop a variety of quality Rebar Chairs and Rebar Chairs that are available for purchase online or in store. Our rebar chairs have formed cradle design to fix the reinforcing bar or reinforcing mesh sheets. Also known as rebar support, metal horse stool, support chair, post-tension chair and reinforcing steel bar stool. Reinforcing bar placing drawings are the instructions from the engineers to the contractors on how to build the structure to resist the anticipated loads. They range from as simple as plain concrete blocks to plastic chairs, to wire bar supports.

The ears are tight and flexible to allow the ability to have one chair do the work of many rebar chairs. One size fits 3 plus sizes of rebar. (If you are doing multiple rebar reinforcement construction, see our new MULTI CHAIR. Chair or support your rebar. Once the mat or cage is assembled, you must hold it in position so the the concrete will cover it completely. Rebar chairs or concrete brick are often used for this purpose. Bar-Lift is a revolutionary universal plastic support for use in commercial and residential foundations. The Bar-Lift reinforcement Chair has been engineered and manufactured to support torsion and Lateral Forces without failing.

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Eagle Eye Products: Concrete Rebar Chair Spacers



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