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PDF Plan: Bow Rack On My Wall

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Finally, you can mount your bow rack on your wall just make sure your bow doesn’t hit the floor. This is not even close to the correct way to do it, and not all of my pelts came out nicely. This is more of a used what I had on hand method. This handmade bow rack holds up to eight bows, several quivers, and several bow socks. The holes for the screws are 16 apart, allowing the rack to be mounted on wall studs for maximum stability. It’s a question as old as archery: Where do I put my bow?

bow rack on my wall 2Here’s a pic of my simple one. I’ll have to see if I can find a pic of the one I built for my dad. Storing the recurve bows (and associated arrows) properly yet compactly was a challenge, and I was unable to find a satisfactory ready-made solution commercially.   The few commercial designs were large wood pieces of furniture, that would not fit anywhere in my home and were over engineered for the task in question. So I designed a 3D printable two piece rack that mounts closely to the wall and has six hooks into which arrows can snap. Shop for Rush Creek Bow and Arrow Wall Rack. This is a very good bow rack at a very good price. I would be embarrassed to have this in my trash bin.

I am looking for something to hold my bows too, it has to be acceptable to HOUSEHOLD SIX though. Purchase Bowtree Slate Wall 2 Bow Holder at Lancaster Archery Supply. Talk to a TechXpert about Bowtree Slate Wall 2 Bow Holder. This bow rack has three pairs of pegs that are long enough to accomodate a total of nine bows. Okay this is not a Bow Rack but I figured I would show what I do to carry 2 of my bows to camp or 3-D shoots. I have three..just took off wall and stained them to make them finally look permanent after a few years.

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Finally, you can mount your bow rack on your wall just make sure your. Cheer bow case, Cheer bow box, cheer bow protective case, cheer bow travel case, Hands off my bow, cheerleading bow, cheer bow, cheerleader.

Bow Rack For Your Wall



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