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PDF Plan: Bass Guitar Cabinet Plans

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5sg. Designing and Building a Bass Guitar Cabinet Best Little Bass Speaker Cabinet Article by Len Moskowitz from Speaker Builder Magazine The article was from 1994, but it looks like he’s updated a few times Eminence Speaker Wiring Diagram Duncan’s Amp Pages Not really bass guitar specific, but he’s got some decent stuff Speaker Building Software haven’t had a chance to explore this site yet Building a High End Enclosure U. See more about Box Design, Speakers and Boxes. Building and Designing Speaker Cabinets for Guitar and Bass More. A detailed look at cabinet construction, guitar track mixing, and impulse response technology.

bass guitar cabinet plans 2Bass Reflex cabinet designed that has been tuned to achieve 20-500htz. The speaker design is ideal for bass guitar as well a PA subwoofer applications. Topic: Bass guitar cabinet – Cabinet design Posted: 09 August 2010 at 3:41pm Sorry to have two threads running on this, but I felt that I needed a new one as that project is being canned. Building your own speakers is easy when you order plans from Bill Fitzmaurice Loudspeakers. Tuba Subs take advantage of proprietary folding topology to squeeze the most performance possible from small woofers, and that translates into huge bass from small cabinets, with high efficiency that keeps amp power requirements minimal. And if you’re a bass player trying to compete with stacks, put a Titan 39 under your rig and grin when the guitar players cry for mercy!

I found some plans on this forum for a EV TL606 cabinet. Being 25w, you will be able to use any 15 or 12 that is designed for the frequencies bass guitar put out.

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