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PDF Plan: Balsa Wood Airplanes Template

Hand Launched Glider building tips, for our free plans. Just select a Medium / Straight grain sheet of balsa wood. Take the template for the wing, position it for the first wing half then flip it over and mark (with Biro) the other wing half. Before cutting out the wing (as one piece), mark the wing centre line and dihedral positions on both the top and bottom of the wing blank. Download a template to design your glider or helicopter or send us your artwork and let us design it for you. Custom imprinted gliders and helicopters available in foam and balsa wood. Making an indoor balsa wood chuck glider. Picture Window template.

balsa wood airplanes template 2Mr. Mulligan Wooden Model Airplane by Dumas. 45.40. Paul K. Guillow, Inc. is a manufacturer of Balsa wood model airplane toys. It was established in 1926 in Wakefield, MA, USA.

Free Model Airplane Plans

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Building Hand Launched Gliders



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