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PDF Plan: Aquarium Safe Wood

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Questions regarding using wood in aquariums are brought up from time to time via the news groups and the mail lists. We hope that this material will help you in finding and curing safe wood decorations for you aquarium. You do have to use some caution in selecting wood for your aquarium. Wood purchased at pet shops is usually safe, but every other source is risky. If you collect driftwood yourself, it could have been exposed to various toxic chemicals, which may leach into the aquarium water. Aquarium Driftwood – choosing the best wood type for the aquarium, curing aquarium driftwood and placing driftwood in an aesthetic manner. This can help dislodge dust, loose particles and will help make the wood aquarium safe.

aquarium safe wood 2Adding wood and rocks to your aquarium can enhance its appearance and make it a better environment for your fish — learn how in this article. If it fizzes, it is safe to assume that the rock will raise the pH. If I find a piece of wood I really like, is it possible to make it into driftwood than can be safely used in my fish tank?. Good thread on APC on what species of woods are safe. I’ve recently found a few pieces of really interesting looking wood in my backyard. I’d be more inclined to use wood from forested areas and trees that I know for certain are aquarium safe.

Information about using rock and wood in aquascaping and how to make sure that rock and wood you find are safe to put in the aquarium. Aquarium wood can give secretive species a place to live and hide. It can serve as a spawning site for egg laying species. It’s perfectly safe to collect wood from nature and use it in an aquarium. This helps saturate the wood, loosen debris caught in the grain, and leach out tannic acids. When purchasing driftwood, make sure it is safe for aquarium use.

Adding Rocks And Wood To Your Freshwater Aquarium

aquarium safe wood 3If you know it’s safe for tank use please add it to the list. Find out how to use aquatic plants, reefs, and wood to design a planted aquarium. An article discussing which rocks and wood are suitable for use as decor in an aquarium. Before I put it in my tank, I want to make sure that it will be safe for my future aquarium residents. Yes, it is possible to add wood you found yourself to an aquarium. The rocks, wood, and gravel sold by your aquatic retailer will be made for aquarium use, so you know they are safe to use and free from harmful contaminants. A much sought after wood in the aquarium trade, Manzanita is a naturally forking hardwood that adds beauty and character to any aquascape. Safe for all aquarium fish and inverts – it replicates a natural habitat in which your livestock will thrive. Bogwood from fish stores is safe, a little expensive and some colour the water. Here’s a useful primer on aquarium wood (written in 2015): INJAF: Guide to aquarium wood.

Safe Rock And Wood Aquascaping



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